Find 1,500+ caches in L&A County

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GeocachingSignal_0.jpgDiscover L&A County Geocaching!

You found us! Lennox & Addington County is one of the premiere geocaching destinations in all of Canada, with about 1,500 geocaches hidden within our borders.

Geocaching takes place 12 months a year and is highlighted by an annual event every August (postponed until 2021). It draws more than a thousand people, and has the distinction of being the only MEGA event in Canada that is hosted in the same community every year!


So... what is Geocaching?

We're glad you asked. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played by adventure seekers using GPS devices or smartphones. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, and share the experience online.

Geocaches can be found anywhere. They can be as small as your fingernail or as big as a toolbox. It's an amazing way to discover places you've never been before.

Here's a great little video that explains what geocaching is all about:


  • Attended the MEGA with my sister, tikitour who is visiting from New Zealand. We are having a great time exploring the area, thanks to all the organizers for a very well run event. The area is full of interest and history, we loved it. Thanks.

    - Tiki tour

  • Came out from Niagara Region with the family including forever.four, lucysprincess and bitszbee. Had a great time caching the area and meeting with new cachers to find some great caches. Thanks for putting on the Mega once again.

    - cowboyninja

  • The Usual Suspects from Durham had a great time attending the event, meeting other cachers and looking for the beautiful Passport Tour 2.0 ammo cans. Thanks to the organizers for the great job in putting this together; I am already looking forward to next year's event! TFTE

    - SearchinSwifts

  • We had vacation time planned for this week with our boys! The plan was to go around Lake Ontario from the USA side first and come back home through Niagara and Toronto. When I saw that Mega on the route, we changed our plans and we had to go through here first! Thanks for this Mega. See you all next year!!

    - PatrickValerie

  • The Scallywags are back in L&A for another awesome mega event! It's amazing how many caches we did before even arriving at this event. There is so much to see and do and find in L&A and that's what keeps me coming back every was one heck of a fun, action-packed weekend. I know that a lot of work goes into getting a cache hide-ready, much less doing hundreds scattered across the county and planning a giant event to boot! It just seems to get better every year so you can count us in again.

    - DarkFlare