EVENT UPDATE:  After consulting many, many weather forecasting tools, we're forced to CANCEL Saturday evening's Summertime Stargazing Tour.

The sunny DAY cancellations are always the hardest ones to make. From all the data we've looked at, the clouds will be rolling in, at least partially covering the sky. Even 40 percent cloud cover makes it impossible to perform an adequate laser tour and telescope.

You are still welcome to come try to view the stars, but there will be no formal event this evening. There is lots to see and do during the day here in Naturally L&A, so we hope you still make the visit. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but it's beyond our control.

Don't miss the L&A County Dark Sky Viewing Area's Summer's Here Stargazing Tour on Friday, June 28th and Saturday, June 29th.

Joe Gilker from Dark Arts Astrophotography will point out the Zodiac and prominent summer constellations during a laser-guided tour of the night sky. You can then peek through a telescope see the Hercules Cluster, Jupiter & Saturn. Both planets are nicely visible on either side of the Milky Way and will make for some amazing views.

Admission is free! For more information visit www.DarkSkyViewing.com. Be sure to follow the DSVA event on Facebook for updates about weather conditions.