Friday, June 23rd 'Early Summer Sky' stargazing evening has been cancelled due to inclement weather.

Saturday, June 24th conditions look good!   Read More >>>

What's better than viewing the night sky the way it's meant to be seen? Seeing it with dozens of other stargazers!

The Lennox & Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area hosts monthly events from May through September. Events take place on weekends near a new moon. Each start at dusk and last about 90 minutes. Weather permitting, you'll get a laser-guided tour of the night sky and have a chance to take a look through a telescope. These events are a great way for novice stargazers to get acquainted with the night sky. 

Here's our upcoming events...

  • June 23rd, 24th... The Early Summer Sky
  • July 21st, 22nd... The Milky Way
  • August 11th, 12th... The Perseid Meteor Shower 
  • September 22nd, 23rd... The Early Autumn Sky

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