Big changes are coming soon to one of Lennox & Addington's County Forest properties. This spring, a series of mountain biking trails will be developed within the forest in the quiet hamlet of Flinton in Addington Highlands. 

Lennox & Addington County owns five swaths totalling over 1,100 acres of forested lands in the Northbrook and Flinton areas. Officially known as "Forest 2", the 127-acre managed forest currently has about 3 kilometres of laneway around the perimeter that is ideal for leisurely strolls, bike rides, or skiing or snowshoeing during the winter. 

The new single-track trails will be created with off-road mountain bikers in mind. The trails will take advantage of the natural terrain in the forest. About 5 kilometres of the trail will be constructed in 2019, with further development possible in future years.

Mike Sewell, an avid off-road cyclist (and member of the L&A County Economic Development Coalition) will be working with county staff and Tuepah Excavating to create a memorable riding experience. Mike has previous experience building similar trails in Vermont. Tuepah Excavating helped to create the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area, one of the County's most popular attractions.

They took a walk through the forest on a cold March morning to get a sense of the landscape. Construction is expected to begin in mid-April. Find out more about the L&A County Forest Trails.

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