There will always be some
Who refuse to take heed
That won’t understand
Until it’s their need

Thankfully, though
Most do know better
And will do as they’re told
Right to the letter

We stand on guard
Together is best
It is not the time
For “forget the rest”

So despite the fear
Uncertainty ... stress
Take a deep breath
There are some who have less

Have faith in our leaders
They are scared too
But will do their best
To represent all of you

Which is all we can ask
There are no easy answers
They’ve been given a task
And they will not pander

The medical heroes
Have it hardest of all
To keep the flock safe
As they try not to fall

Everyone need strive
To support one another
This is for real
It will be a long drive

So buckle up, friends
And love one another
Tomorrow will dawn
Minus some of our brothers

We’ve watched it unfold
In far away places
Now it’s our turn
To be put through the paces

Shock, fear and disbelief
Anger, sadness, collective grief
As we move through the stages
It’s a process, for sure

Let us remember
What we hold dear
Our pride for our country
Love for one another

We are but one 
Canada... we are in this together

-- Written March 22, 2020



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