Back to school season isn’t the same this year.  With these new changes comes a mix of emotions. I've pulled together a great list of reads to help you weather the emotional rollercoaster.  



Bunny braves the day : a first-day-of-school story (Suzanne Bloom)

Bunny is a little anxious about his first day of school.  There is so much he doesn’t know how to do and so many new people.  Can Bunny’s sister help him see that everything will be okay?  Great for young readers just starting school who may not know what to expect when they walk through the doors.  

Outsmarting worry : an older kid's guide to managing anxiety (Dawn Huebner)

There seems to be a lot of books to help young kids deal with their anxiety but this book is written with older kids in mind.  This illustrated guide will help normalize their feelings while offering up tried and true techniques to help ease their anxieties.

I'm worried (Michael Ian Black)

When you’re worried about everything you expect people to tell you that everything will be okay when in reality it may not be.  What matters is that no matter what happens there are people around who will be there for you.  

Mae's first day of school (Kate Berube) 

Anxiety can leave you paralysed with fear often without realizing there are others who may be feeling the same way.  In this book Mae is avoiding going to school but when she finally does she meets others who share her feelings.  

What to do when you worry too much : a kid's guide to overcoming anxiety

Using cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, this interactive self-help book empowers kids to work overcoming their anxieties in an easily digestible way.    




School rules! (Robert Munsch)

Have a kid who loves school so much they would live there if they could? This fun book by Robert Munsch is sure to hype up anyone heading back to school.

Superhero vs. school (Ethan Long)

The first day of school is no match for Scoty and his super team of friends!  Laugh out loud as they take on the day.  

We will rock our classmates (Ryan T. Higgins)

With the talent show coming up Penelope can’t wait to rock out for her classmates.  Higgins is at it again with another awesome read!




Please, Mr. Panda (Steve Antony)

Remembering your manners can sometimes be hard.  This cure book serves as a gentle reminder that being polite goes a long way.  

Germs are not for sharing (Elizabeth Verdick)

This year it’s especially important to remember to wash your hands.  This book will help kids understand why washing their hands is so important.  

Barnaby never forgets (Pierre Collet-Derby)

Laugh out loud as you follow Barnaby getting ready to head to school where he learns a valuable lesson.

I just forgot (Mercer Mayer)

We all have those days when we just forget.  Little Critter is having one of those days while teaching kids about responsibility along the way.  



Stress-free math : a visual guide to acing math in grades 4-9 (Theresa Fitzgerald)

With many parents turning to virtual learning this year here is a great resource to help your middle grade student with their math work.  Full of visual examples and easy wording it is sure to help you avoid math induced headaches.  

The homegrown preschooler : teaching your kids in the places they live (Kathy H. Lee)

Learn how to transform your home and daily live into an enriching learning experience for younger students.  This book has plenty of tips, tricks and activities to keep you going all year long.

Rest, refocus, recharge : a guide for optimizing your life (Greg Wells)

In a world where we are constantly connected it can be hard to get the proper rest to allow your body and mind to recharge.  Dr. Greg Wells presents simple and practical techniques you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you recover faster and achieve more. 

When the world feels like a scary place : essential conversations for anxious parents & worried kids (Abigail Gewirtz)

Talking with your kids about the current health situation can be a scary and unnerving experience.  This book offers age-appropriate conversation scripts aimed at lowering the anxieties while providing accurate information.

Everything you need to ace computer science and coding in one big fat notebook : the complete middle school study guide (Grant Smith)

Coding is being introduced this year in the new Ontario Math curriculum.  Get ahead of the game with this easily digestible guide.