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If you need an ambulance call 911.

Our ambulance services staff help the residents of our county and their visitors when they are in need of emergency medical services. Land ambulance services are a critical component of emergency health care. The delivery of land ambulance services is the responsibility of the County of Lennox & Addington. (Responsibility was transferred from the Province of Ontario to upper tier municipalities in 2001).

The County of Lennox & Addington is committed to providing its citizens with quality ambulance services, which are delivered in a well-coordinated, efficient and effective manner, and at a reasonable cost.

The County’s land ambulance service strives to provide rapid response to emergencies and a high level of pre-hospital care, meeting standards outlined in provincial legislation and regulations.

County of Lennox & Addington 2015 Emergency Response Plan.

Please note: The County's Emergency Response Plan is available in alternate formats, upon request.  (Please contact Administrative Services to request an alternate format.)

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care continues to ensure, through legislation and regulations, that minimum standards are maintained for all aspects of land ambulance service and that service providers meet required service quality and delivery requirements.
The Ambulance Act, as amended by the Services Improvement Act, 1997 sets out the legislative framework for the funding and delivery of land ambulance services under municipal jurisdiction. Regulation 257 deals with certification and qualification of medical attendants and paramedics; responsibilities of operators; communications and response time plans.
Regulation 129 deals with costs associated with the provision of land ambulance services.
The County of Lennox & Addington provides 24 hours per day and 7 days per week paramedic coverage responding to the emergency and life-threatening medical needs of the Lennox & Addington County community (as well as neighbouring communities when required).
The Lennox & Addington Ambulance Service utilizes 4 ambulances operating out of 3 ambulance bases:
  • Two ambulances operate from a base in Greater Napanee and are staffed by full-time and part-time paramedics
  • One ambulance operates from a base in Northbrook
  • One ambulance operates from a base in Denbigh
Department Management
The service is overseen by a Management Team consisting of:
  • Ambulance Services Chief
    • Manager responsible for providing overall direction and leadership
  • Ambulance Services Deputy Chief
    • Responsible for day to day operational management
  • Two Supervisors who assist with operations management
The Ambulance Services & Emergency Programs Management Team is collectively responsible for:
  • Administration and Records management
  • Recruitment, hiring, training, and reviewing staff performance
  • Scheduling
  • Productivity and quality assurance
  • Liaison with other agencies, other County departments and other levels of government
  • Fleet and facilities maintenance
  • Budget preparation
  • Policies and procedure development and implementation
Our paramedics are graduates of community college and certified by the province to be a qualified paramedic. They are also certified by the Base Hospital Programs' Medical Director who oversees delegated medical acts performed by paramedics. Paramedics receive between 16-24 additional training hours per year, provided by the County.
The land ambulance department serves the County’s population of approximately 41,000. The majority of people who require ambulance services are seniors. Currently seniors make up about 16% of the population. It is projected that the ratio will increase to 21% within 10 years. This will greatly increase the demands on the County's ambulance services.
For residents located in the rural areas of the County, the importance of the ambulance service takes on an added dimension. For those residents, the closest medical facility is often some distance away. The ambulance service is often the link to health care and the initial point of contact for out-of-hospital medical care.
The County continues to explore opportunities to participate in community-based health initiatives.
  • Napanee paramedics attend 81% of all ambulance calls
  • Northbrook and Denbigh paramedics collectively attend 19%
  • In 2010, Lennox & Addington Ambulance responded to 4,016 ambulance calls involving patient contact
  • 78% of these originated in Lennox & Addington County
  • Projections suggest that call volume may increase by as much as 90% to 8,000 calls per annum, this being attributed primarily to a projected rapid growth in seniors population.
Ontario counties and regions are entirely responsible for the cost of their land ambulance services. However, the province provides the counties and regions with an annual grant intended to offset a portion of the cost of ambulance service provision – specifically 50 percent of “provincially approved” costs.
The Health Insurance Act, regulation 552, specifies that each person transported in an ambulance is responsible for the payment of a portion of the ambulance services cost. For Ontario residents who have a valid Ontario Health Card, the ambulance charge is usually $45. Hospitals are responsible for administering, invoicing and collection of these charges and retain two –thirds of the money collected. One third goes to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). Municipalities (i.e. jurisdictions responsible for Ambulance Services) do not receive any of the revenue.
In 2010 Lennox & Addington County approved budget is $4.05 million for land ambulance services. The cost to operate Lennox & Addington’s ambulance service system is approximately $99 per capita. This figure is one of the lowest among ambulance systems in Ontario serving counties of comparable population to Lennox & Addington.

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